Sunstone Aroma

Wearable Nature



wearable nature


It all started 10 years ago as I drove through Tofino BC, thinking about what I wanted to call my business …..

My soul is at home when I can dance around the forest, feel Mother Earth, listen to the whispering trees and play with the Faeries.

Light and Love is my mantra

I choose the name SUNSTONE aroma. Sunstone is a crystal, the energetics of that stone embodies what I wanted my business to be and a reflection of what I strive to be.

SUNSTONE carries the energy of the sun god Ra, the sun brings light, energy and life force to the earth. Sunstone brings warmth, openness and strength. It stimulates self healing powers within the body as do ESSENTIAL OILS, another love of mine. SUNSTONE aroma was born and continues to grow, evolve and unfold.

Humble gratitude, mother earth, you are my greatest love.